The fashion forward.


Chic. Dapper. Elegant. Fly. Hip. Natty. Posh. Rakish. Smart. Trendy. Vogue. With-it.

When you have ladies and/or gents like this on your shopping list, you have to step up your gifting game.

Thanks to the great American companies below, you can find the perfect present for even the most dashing recipient!

And if you find a little something for yourself, so be it. (I’ll never tell!)

butter LONDON – Made in USA

The truth lies in the details.

(Any real fashionista will tell you that.)

But to keep up your edge or amp up your game, you are going to need a product that can help you execute the details flawlessly.

butter LONDON is one such tool. It will to help you polish up the edges – your fingers and toes, that is.

With almost 60 lacquer colors ranging from subtle to outrageous, matte to metallic, you will always find the perfect shade whether you choose one to blend in or stand out. (British Racing Green and Saucy Jack (left, $14/ea) seem like natural choices for the holidays, right?)

While the amazing color palate may be what draws you in, it will be butter LONDON’s unique formulation that will convince you to buy again and again.

butter LONDON is a 3 free company. That means that its products are made using no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP. And even if you do not know exactly what those chemicals are or what they do, you know enough to know that they sound icky. (Icky is never fashionable!)

The company also makes top coat, basecoat, nail fertilizer, cuticle oil, cuticle eliminator, and lacquer remover.

Visit butter LONDON –

April Reno – Made in San Francisco, California

Some women know how to make a statement without saying a word.

April Reno is one of those women.

And now thanks to her eponymous jewelry line, you can join their ranks.

The daughter of antiques dealers, April’s eye for design and for antique costume jewelry, in particular, have been honed over a lifetime. A fact that is readily apparent in her own work. In each of her pieces, April is able to capture the best of her beloved by-gone treasures – their elegance, the weight of their history and their glamour-for-glamour’s-sake.

But that is not to say that April’s work is not modern. It is. And it is in this mix of antique and modern that the magic happens. The result is 3 current collections  – Muse, Epic and Renyae – of timeless and striking jewelry any women would be thrilled to own.

The Beau Necklace (left, $195), from the Muse Collection, is just one example. Inspired by Paris and as appropriate with a t-shirt and jeans as it is your favorite party frock, the Beau pendant is approximately 2″ w x 5.5.” l. The Beau Necklace is available in gold-plated (shown) or rhodium-plated and includes a 16″ matching chain. At its center is a smooth topped chestnut glass stone with a faceted back for extra sparkle.

April’s line includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Visit April Reno –

EmersonMade – Made in New York, New York

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but LBDs are often a girl’s best bet.

Finding a good one, however, one that is dependable, versatile and stylish enough to be worthy of closet real estate, can be a challenge.

Until you meet Emerson.

(So let me introduce you. Emerson this _______. _______ this is Emerson.)

Emerson designs clothes that women want to wear and men want to see them in. (And isn’t that what it is all about?)

Her EmersonMade clothing is modern without looking trendy, youthful without being too young (for almost any woman), sexy without a hint of vulgar, and classic without becoming stuffy.

There are two LBDs in her current collection – the Emerson Little Black Dress and the Mod Little Black Dress (above, $228). Both are sharp and sure to be your new favorite.

The Mod is 60’s inspired and is an effortless way to look pulled-together in a matter of minutes no matter where your endlessly fabulous life may take you. And because it is made of black stretch cotton twill, it might even be a better traveler than you are. But with details like tailored half-length sleeves, a split neckline with a hook and eye closure, and 2 welt pockets just below the waist (oh, how I love those pockets!), you won’t mind.

EmersonMade offers coats, jackets, suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, denim and trousers.

Visit EmersonMade –

Fleabags – Made in Brooklyn, New York

Do you long for the sophistication of travel’s yesteryear – the porters, the gleaming chrome and brass appointments, the real silverware at meal service, the meal service itself? (You get the picture.)

Then you need the Fleabag Weekender (left, $485).

True, this beautiful little bag cannot guarantee you more leg room, fewer delays or even a pack of pretzels, but it will provide you with a chic way to transport your belongings from one place to another. (Even if you do have to schlep it yourself.)

The Weekender Noir is made of black waterproof waxed cotton canvas and natural organic cotton/hemp with black leather handles. (Saratoga colorway also available.) Individually hand-cut and sewn by local artisans, the Weekender features an organic brown and cream cotton ticking lining; one interior sleeve pocket suitable for laundry or a laptop (the choice is yours); one interior drop pocket with two compartments; one exterior back pocket; a large two-way zipper; 5 feet on the bottom panel; brushed nickel and black hardware; and a built-in luggage tag. And like all Fleabags, it is made in a limited edition. (Translation – Get one now!)

At  14” h x 5.75” d x 20.5” w with a 11” handle drop, the Weekender meets all FAA carry-on requirements.

If you are wondering about the name (and honestly, if you are not, I wonder about you), it is the result of Founders Shira Entis and Alex Bell’s shared love of flea markets. Fleabags is the creative result of their desire to find a more ecological, stylish and practical way to transport their finds.

Fleabags makes a variety of handbags and totes. The purchase of one even benefits American garment workers through charitable support of Save The Garment Center.

Visit Fleabags –

Royal Highnies - Made in USA

Never go to bed angry.

Or in pajamas any less divine than Royal Highnies’ lounge pants (left, $79.50).

In fact, it is entirely possible that these lounge pants are so divine that they make it impossible for their wearer to stay or even become angry.

Cut from the same pattern as their famously fabulous boxers, these lounge pants are the perfect way to unwind at end the day (or anytime you get the chance).

Available in sizes from XS (28″) – XXL (44″-46″), they will fit most men and lots of women. However, ladies, if you prefer, Royal Highnies does make a special pant for you that features a drawstring and navy piping at the ankle in sizes XS (0-2) – XL (12).

Just like their boxers, Royal Highnies’ lounge pants are made of 400 count pima cotton for days and nights of cool comfort. (Watch out! Your sheets are going to be jealous.)

The company also makes robes, henley nightshirts, tunics, nightgowns and, of course, boxers – for men and boys.

Visit Royal Highnies –

Kent Wang – Made in USA

If you are not fully dressed without a smile, then you are not well-dressed without a pocket square.

And if you want to be really well-dressed, you’ll need one of Kent Wang’s.

Kent is a self-described modern haberdasher living and working in Austin, Texas. And as you may have guessed from his carefully chosen professional description, he has sweats the details.

In fact, it was this keen attention to detail that led him to establish his own company. You see Kent could not find even basic linen pocket squares at local retailers. Rather than accept the unfashionable status quo, he decided to make his own. (Everyone say “Thank you, Kent!”)

Today Kent Wang offers other products,* but it is his pocket squares that put him on the map. One look at the chartreuse with white edge linen square above ($25), you can see why. No matter how you fold them, Kent’s handsome bits of linen, silk or cotton turn heads.

Visit Kent Wang –

*Not of all of Kent Wang’s products are made in the US. Please check source information carefully.

Longshot Apparel – Made in USA

Ever thought everything would be easier if you were just a little taller?

While height has its advantages, it has some challenges as well.

One of these, particularly for taller and fitter gents, is a proper fitting shirt. (Finally, some consolation for the more vertically challenged among us!) Though there are thousands of men’s shirts on the market, all too often tall men find these shirts to have shoulders that are too narrow, sleeves that are too short and/or tails that will not stay tucked in.

No pattern, fabric, collar shape or fancy stitching can make up for good fit. So, what’s a guy to do? Well, until now there were really only three choices: 1) wear clothes that look they have been in the dryer for two days or were borrowed from your (much) younger brother 2) shop big and tall sizes and wind up with way too much fabric around your trim physique or 3) have all of your shirts custom-made (cha-ching!). None of these was a great option.

Sympathetic to the plight of this growing demographic, Longshot Apparel set out to create great-fitting, smartly styled apparel for the fit and taller man (from 6′ to 6′ 10″). And they did it.

Today they offer 9 styles that range from oxfords – in white, blue and black – to gingham and plaid, like the Gamble (above, $140 on holiday sale).

Like of all of Longshot’s shirts, the Gamble is handmade and features the company’s signature tailored taller fit. (To choose your size, refer to Longshot’s handy fit guide.) Crafted of Egyptian 50s single-ply cotton, the Gamble is finished with a spread collar, front pocket, fused collar and cuffs and reinforced placket.

Visit Longshot Apparel –

Walk-Over Shoes – Made in USA

Buck up!

For over 250 years, the Keith family has been crafting shoes in the United States.

A lot has changed in that time, but the one that thing has remained the same is the company’s motto – “made to a standard, not a price.”

Just like the shoes that walked out of the family’s original tannery back in 1758, today’s shoes are made to the highest standards of quality, durability and comfort. It is dedication to that ideal that has kept customers coming back for centuries.

And while their current shoe line may be made using some good old-fashioned notions, there is nothing old fashioned about their designs. In fact, Walk-Over continues to push the boundaries and expectations of some of the most classic men’s shoe styles — the buck, the wingtip, the chukka and the saddle-oxford. (Good news, Ladies, they started making shoes for us in the 1990s.)

The Derby 100 (left, $235) is an excellent example of Walk-Over’s updated classics. Featuring traditional materials and construction like a suede upper, calfskin lining and cushioned leather footbed, the Derby 100 is au courant thanks to its Goodyear welt construction and playful color pairing, shown here in gray with a yellow sole, but also available in white with a green sole.

Don’t worry, the company still makes their great shoes in more conservative colors, for the more staid among you.

Visit Walk-Over –

Blue Claw Co – Made in USA

It is in the bag.

What is it, you ask? It is your reputation as a style icon, of course.

And if you are carrying a tired, frayed bag, your reputation is definitely on the line – no matter how many designer labels you have stuffed inside.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are not worried about your hard-won reputation as a man of refinement and taste (but really, shouldn’t you be?), you’ve been around enough to know that finding luggage as handsome and as rugged as you are is no small feat.

In fact, Adam Blitzer was so frustrated by continuously fraying bags that failed to meet the demands of his on-the-go lifestyle that he decided to build his own bag. (Lucky us!) The criteria for his new product were that it be durable and elegant, as appropriate for overnight business trips as it was weekend jaunts.

Blue Claw Co. is the manifestation of Adam’s creativity and passion. The company currently offers 6 pieces that combine handsome and rugged materials for a sleek, yet undeniably masculine look. Adam wants every Blue Claw Co. original to be as resistant to blending-in as it is to wearing-down.

Solving one of the stylish man’s most persistent travel issues, Adam has created the South Shore Shoe Bag (above, $92). Designed to comfortably hold 2 pairs of dress shoes, this bag is the perfect way to keep your shoes shined and the rest of your luggage debris free.

But there is no rule that says you even have to leave town to enjoy this bag. With its 1050 D ballistic nylon and leather exterior available in 2 colorways (black nylon with dark brown leather shown), plush scuff-free liner and generous dimensions (13″l x 9″w x 4″h), the South Shore is the perfect golf shoe bag as well.

Visit Blue Claw Co. –


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