The dot.


Circle. Circle. Dot. Dot.

When you think about it, dots, though often tiny, are pretty powerful things.

They help the blind (braille), transmit text (morse code), indicate a full stop (period) or part of a whole (decimal), or (in series) signal that something that is missing or unsaid (ellipsis).

With all the hard work these little bits do, it is nice to know that they also take time out of their busy schedules to have some fun.

The dot brings a smile to whatever it touches.

And few do a better job of capitalizing on this happy graphic than the 7 American manufacturers below.

Give them all a try.

Cinda B. – Made in USA

Ladies, does your makeup bag leave you less than inspired?

Is it simply a way to schlep your pots of rouge and tubes of lipstick from Point A to Point B?

Then it is time for a change. And there is one company that thinks your bag of tricks should be at least as interesting as its contents. (And I wholeheartedly agree.)

Cinda B’s X-Large Cosmetics Bag (above, $39) is designed to hold (airplane-illicit) full-sized bottles of product, hair styling tools and all that other “stuff” you insist on dragging around. Even more exciting is the fact that this bag is available in 14 bold, expressive patterns that range in color from elegant and subtle blacks, grays and ivories to vibrant, pulse-quickening yellows, blues and reds. (Roundabout Red shown.) So no matter what your personality or mood, Cinda B has a pattern to reflect it.

Once you learn that the main brain behind the Company is interior designer Cinda Boomershine, the genius of the line’s patterns and colors become more understandable, though no less special. Cinda uses her considerable knowledge of the elements of art and design to create an inspiring palette that reflects a range of women (young to previously-young) and destinations (work to play).

Of course, Cinda did not go to all the trouble of developing an amazing array of patterns just for one item. The line includes a bag or case for (dare I say) any occasion in a woman’s life. She makes baby bags, travel bags, totes and handbags, tech cases and even golf club and tennis racquet covers.

If you cannot find the bag or case your are looking for, email Cinda. She’s up to the challenge!


Dusen Dusen - Made in USA

Everything starts from a dot. – Wassily Kandisky

If Kandinsky is right (and even if he is not), Dusen Dusen’s Dots Elastic Waist Dress (left, $129) is everything.

It is the right blend of style, comfort and luxury. The 100% silk beauty is easy to wear and hard to ignore.

Its short-sleeves, wearable length and elastic waist make it a go-to choice for weekend errands and activities. Simply pull your hair in a pony-tail and throw on your flip-flops and you look as good as you feel. The sophisticated color and quirky pattern make this dress anything but ordinary.

And when you are ready to head out for the evening or to the office, you can take this dress to the next level with a belt, flats and jewelry.

The dress’ versatility is the result of brand creator Ellen Van Dusen’s fun, confidence-inspiring aesthetic.


J Schatz – Made in USA

Seeing spots?

It is not your eyes. It is instead the magic of ceramic artist Jim Schatz.

Jim’s always beautiful, often functional, work is designed to capture and create wonder. And there is no doubt that this is just what the Cilindro Pendant (left, $275) does.

(Seriously, if loving this light is wrong, I do not want to be right)

Handcrafted of ceramic earthenware, this pendant is the perfect size (11.5″h x 5″w) to shine a light on your work in the kitchen, set the mood in your bedroom or simply dazzle in your foyer. (Each light includes a canopy ceiling kit and takes a 60 watt bulb.)

Jim offers the Cilindro in 7 glossy colors – red hot, sun yellow, light aqua, orange peel, bright white, pink and olive (shown) – and in your choice of pierced (shown) or solid.

So the only hard part is deciding which of these luscious lamps you will make your own.


Little Giraffe* – Made in USA

The resting spot.

After a long day of patty-cake, peek-a-boo, crawling, teething, drooling and smearing strained peas into your hair, you need a place of your own to relax and unwind.

Not surprisingly, the band of smarty-pants that run Little Giraffe have created a perfectly polka-dotted oasis.

The Chenille New Dot Pillow (left, $37) is the Company’s latest addition to its coo-worthy baby line.

The 14″x14″ pillow features Little Giraffe’s much-lauded, oh-so-soft chenille in a choice of 4 colors (shown top to bottom – denim, pink, celadon, and blue) surrounded by white satin border dotted in the same feature color.

Since its arrival on the scene in 2000, Little Giraffe has turned the heads of celebrity moms like Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. The reason? Something any mom or dad can relate to — their kids love them.

And why wouldn’t they? Little Giraffe’s blankets, pillows and toys come in an array of soft, soothing colors and incredibly soft textures making them the perfect security blanket, nap-time companion or best friend.

Find yourself wishing you were young enough for your own Little Giraffe? You are. Thanks to the demand from former-little ones, the Company now produces the Giraffe at Home line for adults.


*Not all Little Giraffe products are made in the USA. Please review source information carefully.

Moonshine Leather – Made in USA

Move over Sansabelt.

You are definitely going to want to have your belt loops ready once you get a glimpse of Moonshine Leather’s Harness 2-Prong Belt (left, $78).

Available in canyon brown (shown), chocolate brown or black, this 2″ wide belt is 1/4″ thick and designed to look great and last a long time. The Harness Belt features a rugged, yet stylish nickel-plated, solid brass buckle. It is the perfect choice for men who are looking for a basic (not boring) belt with just a touch of personality.

(Straps without the buckle are also available in all three colors for $73/each.)

The belt’s thickness makes it ideal for anyone who carries gear (like a radio, flashlight or holster) on his belt.

Moonshine Leather makes a variety of leather goods including an extensive line of belts – plain, tooled/embossed, specialty, concho, western and money belts – in sizes 18″ – 80″ (additional charges apply for some sizes). So no matter who you are, you are sure to find a belt to fit your waist, wallet and wardrobe.


From Our Old Friends

Hable Construction – Made in USA

Dots for every room in your house.

Above from left to right: Lemon Beads Storage Bushel ($275), Navy Cookies Hand Printed Poster ($78), Zinc Bead Waxed Toiletry Bag ($48), Clementine Beads Canvas Pillow ($95 for 16″x16″).

Original fifty post: The tote.

Studiopatro – Made in San Francisco, California

For tea towels that are always spot on, look no further than Studiopatro.

Above left to right: (Both tea towels are 100% oatmeal-colored linen and 18″ x 26″) Just Dots in Slate ($24) and Just Dots in Cinnamon ($24).

Original fifty post: The host(ess).

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