In the green.


St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday.

For over 1000 years, the people have Ireland have set aside this day to pay tribute to a great Brit, St. Patrick. (Scratch head now.)

What’s that all about, you ask? Here is the quick history of the man himself: St. Patrick was born in Britain around 390 AD. (Family affluent & Christian.) Not a particularly religious child. Kidnapped at 16. Taken to Ireland and enslaved as a sheep-herder. Had a profound religious conversion. Heard voices. Escaped. Returned home. (Soon) more voices. Returned to Ireland. Ordained. Worked to convert the Irish. Beaten, harassed and admonished. (Tough life.) Died largely unknown on March 17, 461. Lore grew. Centuries later named the Patron Saint of Ireland.

(Whewwww.) The origins of the holiday are somewhat complicated. Luckily, its celebration is not. The original Irish celebration of St. Patrick’s Day included a church service and a reprieve from the Lenten restriction on eating meat. It was one day out of the 40 to enjoy some delicious Irish bacon and cabbage and maybe a pint or two. So this Saturday why not set aside your own Lenten disciplines and dance, drink and feast like your Irish? (Even if you are not!)

Below are 5 amazing American companies who make some fabulous products that will make your St. Patrick’s Day unforgettable. (You’ll love them all!)

And lest you think it strange to use American-made products to celebrate an Irish holiday, consider this: Until the 1970s St. Patrick’s Day was a minor religious holiday in Ireland.  It was, in fact, not the Irish but their American relatives who brought the holiday to such popularity and prominence. Irish-Americans embraced St. Patrick’s Day as a way to connect with their roots. The result: parades, parties and even a dyed river or two. O! And lots of fun.

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!

Carnegie Deli - Made in Carlstadt, New Jersey

Party 101 – Serve the right food.

Carnegie Deli’s Corned Beef Brisket (left) is the absolute right food for St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day you want a taste of the best NYC has to offer.)

Manhattan’s world-famous deli pickles, cures and smokes their own at their New Jersey factory. It is this attention to detail and quality that keeps people waiting in line year after year. (The unbelievably generous portions don’t hurt either.)

If you are lucky enough to be in New York on St. Patrick’s Day, queue up early for the best corned beef the City has to offer.

But if (like me) your St. Patrick’s Day celebration will take place outside Manhattan, do not fret. Carnegie Deli now offers the same high quality USDA meats used in their restaurant for delivery to your home.

Their Corned Beef, which has been cooked for over 10 hours to ensure tenderness, is sold in 2 pound packages ($23.75 per package) – enough for 4 generous, Carnegie-sized, 8 oz sandwiches – and comes with a complimentary a 9 oz jar of Carnegie Deli Mustard.

The Corned Beef ships frozen. You simply thaw and heat according to the directions to provided. (Even I can do that!) It is a no-muss, no-fuss way to a delicious St. Patrick’s Day feast!

(Carnegie Deli also offers its renowned Pastrami in the same 2 lb heat & eat packages, just so you know.)

Visit or 854 7th Avenue @ 55th Street.

Hot Blondies Bakery – New York, New York

Party 201 – Serve the right food.

And let’s face it there is never a wrong time for a blondie.

Especially, if that blondie was made by two hot blondes like Laura and Lorin.

These golden-haired goddesses are responsible for the buttery, gooey mouthfuls of sin known as Hot Blondies.

In their bakery, Laura and Lorin bring their own blond-ambition to bear on a variety of trans-fat free, hydrogenated oil-free, preservative-free ingredients. The result of which is a menu of the most delectable blondies and brunettes, you have ever seen.

(It is worth noting that Hot Blondies Bakery also makes whoopee pies, cereal treats, cookie cakes and tarts. Laura and Lorin also accept custom orders and offer baking classes.)

And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the ladies have concocted the Get Lucky Blondie (above, $25/per 6-pack). The Shamrock-shaped (say that 3 times fast) treat is elfin green and packed full of green M&Ms. (And you know what they say about green M&Ms.)

Can you think of a better way to celebrate?


Kiel Patrick James – Made in Rhode Island

Avoid the pinch.

(I am not sure about this custom. Is it cruel? funny? or just another way to make touching people you do not know very well socially acceptable?)

You will be proud to wear green March 17th (or any day of the year) thanks to Kiel Patrick James.

His Captain Oscar O’Leary belt (left, $88) is made of the highest quality available materials.

Kiel Patrick James (KPJ) is obsessed with style, construction and 100% American-made products. And his obsession is evident in every detail of his Croffix Sailing Belts.

Each belt begins with the best US-made hand-knotted nautical cord KPJ can find. The cord is purchased and shipped to the KPJ factory in Rhode Island where it is braided by hand.

Each belt is reinforced with a custom KJP Hertiage Tartan Plaid backing and is finished with KJP-stamped full grain vegetable-tanned leather ends and a solid brass buckle.

The result is the most handsome and the most durable braided belt on the market.

And, just in case you were wondering, KPJ’s Croffx Sailing Belt is available in other colors – 17 other colors to be exact. Some are solid; others offer amazing combinations of colors.

(There really is no reason for you knot buy at least one!)


King Arthur Flour – Made in Norwich, Vermont

Flour Power.

For traditional Irish Soda Bread all you need is a 40 minutes, a cake pan and some buttermilk.

And, of course, King Arthur’s Irish Soda Bread Mix (left, $5.95).

Crafted to taste like you started from scratch, King Arthur’s Irish Soda Bread Mix carefully blends all the dry ingredients necessary to make a delicious, crumbly, slightly sweet treat. (One that you are going want to enjoy year-round, not just March 17th.)

The secret to King Arthur’s mix? It could be the currants.

Or it could be the flour. All of the mixes (and there are lots of yummy ones) King Arthur sells contain the best flour money can buy. Grown in the US to King Arthur’s specifications without unnecessary chemical additives. (King Arthur also sells its outstanding flours.)

Or it could be the Company’s value system. American’s oldest flour company is 100% employee-owned and makes all decisions with 3 P’s in mind – people, planet, profit. King Arthur is committed to making choices that not only positively impact the bottom-line, but are also good for their customers, their employee-owners and the environment.

Doing good tastes great.


Soark – Made in Baldwin City, Kansas

These colors run.

And if you do too, there is perhaps no cheekier way to show off your heritage.

Featuring a soft, quick-drying Supplex® shell, double-stitched waistband with drawcord, moisture wicking lightweight built-in brief liner and large inner key pocket, Soark’s Flag Running Shorts (left, $31.99) are serious running apparel.

Made in both men’s and women’s sizes (S-XL), Soark offers its flag running shorts in 3 styles – 3/4 split, non-split and longcut. The 3/4 split has a tacked side-open overlap that allows for maximum freedom of movement. The non-split has side seams that curve at the bottom to provide
more coverage. And the longcut provides the most coverage offering a 1.25″ longer inseam and a longer outseam than either the 3/4 split or non-split.

Just in case you are not 100% Irish, Soark also offers all 3 styles in 9 other flag options – USA, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Texas, Colorado and Maryland. (The longcut style is available only in USA and Texas.)

The Company also makes a complete flag-free line of running wear that includes running tights, wicking tops, sports bras, team apparel and kid’s running clothes.


From Our Old Friends

 Emily Elizabeth Jewelry – Made in New York, New York

You don’t need luck to live a charmed life when you wear Emily Elizabeth’s jewelry. (But it doesn’t hurt!)

Above from left to right: Clover Ring – 1.25″ clover is gold plate – Available in 14kt yellow gold or white gold (price ranges from $65-$75 based on ring size); Lucky Clover Lariat – charms are gold-plate over brass and chain is gold-plate over Sterling Silver – 20″ overall length – Available in 14Kt yellow gold-plated ($42), White gold-plated ($45); Clover Studs – 1.25″ clover is gold plate over Sterling Silver, posts are Sterling Silver – Available 14Kt yellow gold-plated ($80), White gold-plated ($85);

Original fifty post: The pink.

Tervis – Made in North Venice, Florida

A perfect place to put your pint!

Above from left to right: (All 3 designs available in 10 oz tumbler, wavy tumbler, 12 oz tumbler, 16 oz tumbler, mug, 24 oz tumbler and water bottle. Also, all can be personalized for $5 extra.) Kiss Me I’m Irish 16 oz tumbler ($11); Luck O’ The Irish 12 oz tumbler ($11); and Four Leaf Clover 24 oz tumbler ($15)

Original fifty post: The ballgame.

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