The neon.


Remember the 80s?

Not old enough? Rent a John Hughes movie.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic. A lot has changed in the last 30+ years.

It would be almost impossible for you to relate to a time so far removed. A time when Madonna was popular. People spent hours playing video games. There was an economic recession. Seinfeld was on tv. And neon was cool.

(Or would it?)

Well, regardless of whether you are a neon-neophyte or a veteran of the 80s fluorescent fad, take note: Neon is back.

And no one is doing more to help us integrate these electric hues into our wardrobes, our lives and (in one case) our stomachs than the 8 US companies below. Their American-made products are great ways to brighten up your life.

Check them all out!

Clare Vivier – Made in Los Angeles, California

What do you get when you cross French glamour with LA minimalism?

Bag maven Clare Vivier.

What grew out of a quest for a functional laptop case that was as stylish as Clare herself has grown into a line of covetable bags.

Each item in Clare’s collection of totes, cases, clutches, sacs and accessories effortlessly walks the line between classic sophistication and modern edge.

That is why it comes as no surprise that her La Pochette (left, $145) sports an on-trend neon green stripe.

The 4.5″h x 6.5″w undyed leather pouch is simple and chic, bold and brave. It would be a darling way for a trend-savvy 20-something to transport her credit card, photo id, and iPhone on a night out. But it would be equally as appropriate for holding the photos of an elegant retiree’s grandchildren.

(Genius, right?)

La Pochette is available in 2 other neon colors – pink stripe and blue stripe. (It is also available in 4 solid, dyed leather colors – black, red, royal blue and orange.) Clare also offers her amazing Foldover Clutch in neon colors.


Fruitsuper Design – Made in Seattle, Washington

Looking to one-up your friends?

Fruitsuper Design can help.

The Company’s SBiR (So Big its Ridiculous) rings (left) are sure to be the biggest (not to mention the brightest) stones your little group has ever seen.

(Unless, of course, you happen to be friends with Beyoncé.)

Chiseled out of 100% silicone, Fruitsuper’s rings are comfortable, flexible, lightweight, durable and always the perfect punch of color.

But take note — the rings’ brilliant hues and grand proportions essentially guarantee that you will be the center of attention wherever you wear them.

So, if you are tired of people constantly complimenting you on your flawless fashion-sense and relentlessly clamoring to bask in your radiance, then these might not be the rocks for you.

SBiR rings come in 2 designs, 4 colors (yellow, pink, blue and gray), and 2 sizes. Contact to order.


Holey Donuts – Made in New York, New York

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em.

Guys, you may think that fluorescent pink has no place in your life. And that might have been true if Frank Dilullo had never created the Pink Velvet Holey Donut (left, $15.95/6-pack). But he did. (Thank goodness!)

The Pink Velvet Holey Donut is a strawberry-iced, pink-sprinkled mouthful of deliciousness.

What sets this donut apart is it is low-fat. (No, that is not a typo.) In fact, each Pink Velvet has only 147 calories and 3 grams of fat.

(I know. I know. It seems impossible. But it is true.)

Holey Donuts has found a way to make light, fluffy, gourmet donuts that will not derail your diet. The secret? Unlike traditional donuts, they are not deep-fried.

Frank did not set out to create a healthier donut. He set out to make the best donut anyone had ever tasted. Through experimentation and luck, he ended up with both.

Only real ingredients are used in the creation of Holey Donut’s “love at first bite” pastries – no artificial sweeteners, no trans-fats.

The donuts are currently only available online and ship flash-frozen. This means you can enjoy a hand-made donut anytime you want, right in your own home. Check out all the varieties – fat and calorie information are available on each.


Julep - Made in USA

Don’t think you are ready to take the neon plunge?

Start small. How about just dipping your toe into some fabulous fluorescents?

Better yet, how about 10 toes. And, if your feeling really wild, maybe even 10 fingers. (Okay. Okay. I won’t push you.)

When you’re ready, Julep’s Samantha (left, $14) is the obvious choice.

The ultra-hot pink semi-matte creme nail polish will banish all of your reservations about colors of this intensity and will leave you with a glow of energy and optimism that only neon can deliver.

(Warning: Samantha is even more pink and even more fun in real life than it appears on your monitor.)

Just when you think it could not possibly get any better, you learn that Samantha, like all 80 of Julep’s shades, is a 4-free formula. This means that Julep produces its polishes without the use of carcinogens like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP.

And because the ladies behind the Julep brand are all about making women feel confident, beautiful and connected, $1 from each bottle of nail polish is donated to organizations that empower women.

Who would have though one little bottle could help you look good, feel good and do good?


Sarah Applebaum – Made in San Francisco, California


Put your hands up . . . if you think this is most wonderful, most exuberant firearm you have ever seen. (Mine are up!)

Artist Sarah Applebaum’s Hot Lux (left, $450) will not keep people off your property or out of your house. (In fact, when people find you own one of Sarah’s creations, they will likely be beating down your door to get a look at it.) The Hot Lux, however, it will keep the blues at bay.

How can you possibly be anything but happy when you look at this 2′ x 1.5′ revolver with removable cylinder made entirely of layered felt? (Buy it. It’s a lot cheaper and a lot safer than “happy” pills!)

An internationally recognized artist, Sarah work has influenced the way people think about soft sculpture and the use of textiles in art.

Sarah’s gun series – Big Guns and Biggest Guns – strips the potential violence from these iconic shapes.

In her hands guns become approachable, beautiful and even comical thanks to Sarah’s masterful and playful color-palette and exaggerated proportions.


White Horse Trading Company – Made in Loveland, Colorado

It’s like, totally, to tie for.

(I promise. No more VG talk.)

If you think you cannot wear a bright orange tie, think again.

You can wear White Horse Trading Company’s Hunter’s Orange Duck Tie (left, $75) with almost everything in your closet and to almost any of your regular haunts.

Try it with a tweed blazer at a meeting, a plaid shirt at work, a khaki suit at the club or your camouflage in the woods. (I mean you want to look good in case you bag the big one, right?)

The Hunter is made of 10 oz cotton duck. Cut in a modern 2″ width and featuring a square bottom, the Hunter is finished to perfection.

White Horse Trading Company is owned by a 6th-generation professional sewer who believes that the lines between relaxed and refined can (and perhaps, should be) blurred. To achieve this seamless duality, White Horse Trading Company bench-makes all of its neckwear using a variety of durable and rugged materials – duck, denim, linen and wool.

These materials, just like the men who wear them, develop more charm and character with age.


From Our Old Friends

Field Notes – Made in USA

So (neon) noted. Record your hopes and dreams, friends and enemies or favorite American-made manufacturers in style!

Above: Neon Summer Camp 3-Pack ($11.95) – contains 3 pocket notebooks with grid pattern pages & 3 color-coordinated pencils

Original fifty post: The stockings.

Hanky Panky – Made in USA

Brighten up your bottom line!

Above left to right: (One size fits 4-14. All 100% nylon with 100% cotton lining.) Wavelength Print Original Rise Thong ($23); Colorplay Original Rise Thong ($20) – screaming orange and skyscraper grey (top) sour apple and passionate pink (bottom); and Colorplay Original Rise Thong ($20) – glowstick and electric orchid.

Hanky Panky also offers the following products in one or more neon colors: Signature Lace Low Rise Thong ($20/$20 petite); Signature Lace Original Rise Thong ($20/$22 plus); Signature Lace Boy Short ($29); Signature Lace V-kini ($27); Signature Lace Classic Camisole ($48); Signature Lace Crossover Bralette ($46); Signature Lace Glam Bra ($56); Felicity Lace Midrise Thong ($22); Signature Lace Lined Bandeau Bralette ($37); and Signature Lace Cheeky Hipster ($32). (All styles listed previously also come in non-neon colors.)

Original fifty post: The pink.

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