On the green.



A religion for some (or should I say “foursome”). A four-letter word for others.

But regardless of how you feel about the game, you must acknowledge the Masters is something special.

With its Amen Corner and Hogan Bridge, Eisenhower Pine and Magnolia Lane, the tournament and club offer enough history and botany to charm the plus-fours off even the most golf-adverse.

So, just in case the pink azaleas, green grass and hours and hours of beautiful swings inspire you to take up or amp up your game, check out the 6 American manufactures below. Each is ready to help you get your (golf) game on.

Allen Edmonds – Made in Port Washington, Wisconsin

Its gotta be the shoes.

You may think that finely crafted golf shoes are the exclusive domain of professional (or at least scratch) golfers.

(You’d be wrong.)

Sure, the best players want and need the best shoes. The spend hours and hours on their feet in front of millions and millions of people so they need golf shoes that look great and can go the distance.

(That is probably why Jack Nichlaus and Ben Crenshaw recently partnered with Allen Edmonds.)

But footwear is just as important for complete duffers. (In fact maybe, more so.) Elegant, refined, classic footwear is the perfect distraction from their shanks, pop-ups and worm burners.

In other words, there is not a golfer on the planet does not deserve a pair of Allen Edmonds golf shoes.

The Company, which has been handcrafting shoes in accordance with its 212-step manufacturing process since 1922, currently offers 12 styles of golf shoes. (The Double Eagle ($295) is pictured above. Available in black or brown.)

Like all of their shoes, Allen Edmonds’s golf shoes begin with Horween Leather from nearby Chicago. The leather is cut, sewn, fit, molded and then attached to an incredibly durable 360° Goodyear welt. From there a layer of shock-absorbent natural cork is added between the insole and outsole. Finally, the shoes are finished and polished to within a 0.1″ of perfection.

(Anything less doesn’t bear the Allen Edmonds’s logo.)

Visit www.allenedmonds.com.

Ame & Lulu – Made in USA

Heads up, Boys!

Golf may be a conservative game governed by timeless rules and gentlemanly customs but one thing it is not, and has never been, is dull. At least not where color or pattern are concerned.

The golf course is home to array of vibrant polos, plaid pants and argyle sweaters. (Not all at once – please!)

But it took the innovation and design-chops of Amye Kurson to bring modern patterns and color combinations to the game.

In 2003, Amye created her first set of on-trend club head covers. Still offered today, Ame & Lulu’s golf headcovers (above, $86) are sold in a set of 3 and are marked 1, 3 and X.

Building on the popularity of her club covers, Amye has created an active lifestyle brand that includes essentials and embellishments for golf, tennis, yoga, travel, beauty, technology, pets and even babies.

Each year Ame & Lulu reinvents itself with new fabric designs. This year’s options include citrus (above), arcadia, malibu, koi, papaya and pagoda.

(So good!)

Visit ameandlulu.com.

Ben’s Garden - Made in Oyster Bay, New York

In English, please.

One of the things you have to love about golf, is that it has its own language. (You may as well love it. They are not going to change it!)

No one has done a better job of capturing the delightful absurdity of that language than Paul Harvey.

And no one has captured Harvey’s quote in a more attractive manner than Ben Busko.

Ben’s Golf is A Game glass tray (above, $54) is one of the most sophisticated, understated and yet playful pieces of golf decor available.

An ideal catch-all for a golfer’s desk or bedside table, this 4″x6″ decoupage tray is finished with a felt back and is signed by Ben himself.

Ben began decoupaging at 6. By 11, he had created a catalogue of goods and was receiving orders from Smith & Hawken and New York’s Botanical Garden. Today (at the ripe old age of 28), Ben has a client list that would make any decorative accessories company swoon.

He offers an ever-expanding line of decoupage accessories (coasters, paperweights, trays, magnets and picture frames) inspired by vintage papers, quotes & quips, botanical prints and antique curiosities.

Visit www.bensgarden.com.

Knot Clothing & Belt Co. – Made in USA

Winner takes all.

And when you wear Knot Clothing’s 4 Majors D-Ring Belt (left, $44), everyone will know that you are a winner.

In fact, they maybe tempted to infer from the trophies on your belt that you have won the Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship. (So be it! It’s not like you told them you won all those championships to get a free round or anything. Did you?)

But even if no one mistakes you for Bobby Jones, when you wear this belt people will learn 2 very important (and true) facts about you: 1) you love golf and 2) you have amazing taste in belts.

Knot Clothing & Belt Co. produces each of its unisex belts (available in sizes S-XXL) in New England using the best cut of grosgrain ribbon available.

The Company’s focus on the details – like quality and wearability – sets it apart from other ribbon-belt manufacturers.

Each belt offers a double thickness of ribbon that ensures it will not slip out of its D-ring closure, no matter how dramatic your swing.

And if you are not a golfer, don’t worry. Knot Clothing & Belt Co. has belts, key fobs, even dog collars and leashes in patterns that offer something for everyone.

Visit knotclothing.com.

From Our Old Friends

Eleni’s – Made in New York, New York

Par-fectly sweet ending a long day on the links.

Above: Fore! ($58.50) – 22 hand-iced golf-themed cookies

Original fifty post: The last night.

Josh Bach – Made in New York, New York

Contain yourself! (Not to mention all your stuff.)

Above: Valet Tray ($49) – Leather exterior lined with abstract golf tee pattern fabric (5″x5″).

Original fifty post: The ballgame.

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