Friendly Update (#2)

It always fun to see what our talented friends are up to.

StudiopatroMade in San Francisco, California

If you have not already picked up on it, I have a major obsession with good design and a minor obsession with tea towels. (Still shopping for a therapist who specializes in those 2!)

So it is only natural that I would be crazy for the work of linen maven Christina Weber, owner/founder/designer of the amazing Studiopatro collection.

Since we last checked in with Christina (fifty posts: the dot, the host(ess)), she has revamped her website/online store and has added some amazing designs to her already delightful array of offerings.

Oh! And she also has made the greatest video that shows you 12 ways to use a tea towel. (You know they are not just for tea anymore!)

Now, down to business.

Some of Christina’s new tea towels have an international flair.

Building on her trademark bold, sophisticated graphics, Christina has introduced a little French and a lot of humor.

The French Dot Towel (above left, $24) features 15 slate-colored dots on an 18″ x 26″ oyster-colored linen towel. In the bottom 3 dots, Christina has written “Les points font tourney le monde.” (Clever, right?)

(If your French is a little rusty or non-existent like mine, that translates “dots make the world go round.” (Clever, right?))

Christina also has applied her wit and wisdom to the French Stripe Towel (above right, $24). Toward the bottom of the exceedingly pleasing row of slate and oyster stripes, the tea towel bears the following phrase: “Tout est mieux aver des reyures.” (It’s funny ’cause it is true.)

(For the French-impaired that translates: “Everything is better with stripes.”)

Please, however, do not misinterpret Christina’s whimsy and charm. She is very serious about the construction of her goods, from fabric choice to finishing, reserving the more frivolous aspects of her personality for decoration and embellishment.

The towels above, like all of her tea towel designs, begin with 100% linen, an inherently-sustainable fabric that gets softer with each use. Likewise, each piece is hand-printed. Christina’s attention to detail ensures that every Studiopatro piece is as useable as it is unique.

And talk about unique. What is more unique than love?

To prepare for the impending onslaught of wedding invitations that inevitably begin to pour in as soon as the temperature rises, Christina has also introduced a new love collection. (A love collection fit for a love connection!)

The Love Stripe, First Ten and Forever Dot (shown above left to right, each $24) celebrate all that love is in a spring-inspired color palette:

The Love Stripe features 4 mineral-colored stripes and two familiar, melodic and true sayings: “Love is all you need” and “All you need is love.” (All together now!)

The First Ten features a mineral-colored leaf filled with the traditional anniversary gifts for years 1-5 and a willow-colored leaf filled with those for 6-10. Use it as inspiration or a cheat-sheet.

The Forever Dot highlights the words “today” and “forever” in two of its 15 willow-colored dots. A gentle reminder of love’s presence (or should I say “present”s) and its potential.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who is newly engaged, just married, celebrating an anniversary, loves the Beatles or whose passion is the kitchen, Christina has you covered.

The only thing that could be better than receiving one of these towels would be receiving all 3. That is why Christina has created the Love Set, which include one of each her love-themed tea towels for $66.

(We promise not to judge you if you buy the Love Set and find you love it too much to give away!)

But tea towels are not the only thing that Studiopatro makes, nor are they the only items that have been recently updated.

Christina has added Apron Sets to her bag of tricks.

Shown above, these sets combine one of Studiopatro’s gorgeous, kitchen-worthy aprons, a color-coordinated tea towel and a hand-crafted wooden spatula into the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or whose cooking you love. (Hint: Mother’s Day is May 13th!)

The only real question is which apron shape and color you will choose.

The Apron Sets (above, $88 — a $112 value) come in a choice of two apron styles – Kitchen or Cafe – and two apron colors – oyster or oatmeal.

The Kitchen Apron (seen above in the 2 left-most images and shown in oyster) is a traditional apron shape and offers more coverage, falling to the knee (approximately). It is one-size-fits-all thanks to an adjustable neck and waist.

The Cafe Apron (seen above in the 2 right-most images and shown in oatmeal) is the ideal apron for men or women who desire less coverage. It ties at the natural waist and falls 33″.

Both aprons are made of a durable, high quality linen/cotton blend. Both feature a functionally sized pocket and are easy to slip on, size and take off thanks to pairs of strategically placed grommets and twill tape.

(Both the Kitchen Apron and the Cafe Apron are also sold individually for $68/each.)

But before you get down to cooking, you’ve got to secure the ingredients.

If, like me, you are looking for a new bag to celebrate your return to the Farmer’s Market, you have to see Studiopatro’s Market Totes (left, $74).

The generously sized (18″ x 20″) bags are 100% linen and are designed to be thrown over your shoulder as you run out the door to “gather” groceries for dinner or “carry” your change of clothes/shoes for an apres work fete.

Each side of these remarkable bags features one boldly printed word (Gather/Convey (left) or Carry/Goods (right)) and two interior pockets (one marked “Phone Home” and the other marked “Keys Please”).

And lest you think the oyster-colored linen makes these totes too fussy to do any real hauling duty, Studiopatro’s Market Totes are machine washable. (Just don’t stick them in the dryer!)


So what are you waiting for? Head to to pick up something for someone you love, someone in love, or, best of all yourself.

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