The mom.


There is no one like Mom.

She seen you at your best, your worst and even naked and still loves you. (A tall order indeed!)

So what do you get her for Mother’s Day? Better yet, what does she want?

It’s not that complicated. Moms are people too. (Though many do possess a few superhuman powers.) They want what we all want — to be loved, to be appreciated, to know that they have made a difference.

With that in mind, I have found a some amazing American-made, Mom-worthy gifts for you to consider. (After all, there is nothing that moms hate more than off-shore chotchkies.)

Check them all out. You are sure to find at least one that is just right for your mom.

Bailey Doesn’t Bark – Made in USA

Give Mom a message.

Tell her you admire her, appreciate her, love her and are grateful to her.

Better yet write it.

Put your tribute on Bailey Doesn’t Bark’s Postmug (above, $24 – price includes pen). This way your mom can start Mother’s Day (and every day) with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and an affirmation of your affection.

Order the handcrafted 11 oz white ceramic Postmug and have it shipped to you – not Mom. Then, using the black porcelain pen included, leave your mark.

Bailey Doesn’t Bark’s postcard-themed mug provides 3 distinct zones for messaging – a bordered front (not shown) ideal for a drawing or quote, as well as lines for an addressee and personal note on the back. (Got more to say? Buy more mugs!)

Once you have completed your Mom-sterpiece, simply allow it to dry for 24 hours and then bake the mug for 35 minutes to permanently set the ink.

When finished, you will have a gift as unique as you are and your mom will have a new favorite mug!


Bedhead Pajamas – Made in Los Angeles, California

Give Mom a break.

Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for a busy person is to help them find some down time.

This Mother’s Day why not give Mom the day off.

Take her breakfast in bed. Turn off her cellphone. Encourage her to read a book and/or take a nap. In short, promise her a quiet, stress-free day in her PJs.

And to make sure she looks as good as a day of rest will make her feel, give her an amazing new pair of 100% cotton Bedhead Pajamas. (Our Town Daisy Marine Classic, $136, shown above.)

With a wide variety of prints (from plain to paisley and everything in between), styles (long-sleeve, cap sleeve, capri, cami, gown, nightshirt and robe to name a few), fabrics (stretch, sateen, poplin, flannel, voile, luxe and cashmere) and sizes (XS-3x), Bedhead has something to please any mom.

And just in case this lounge act becomes a regular part of your family’s routine, Bedhead makes pajamas for men, tweens and children. Mix or match (if you dare!).


Creekside Farms - Made in Greenfield, California

Give Mom the world.

Okay, so you may not be able to whisk her away to Provence for the weekend, but you can bring a bit of Provence to her.

Hang Creekside Farms French Herb Wreath (left, $69 for 16″ wreath; $79 for 18″ wreath) in your mom’s kitchen and you might just inspire a delicious coq au vin for dinner.

The French-inspired herbs – lavender, marjoram, sage, purple oregano, thyme, and bay -featured in this beautiful, fragrant and usable wreath are entirely US-grown.

Creekside Farms is a family business, owned and operated by two generations of the Umbarger family.

The herbs and flowers used in the production of Creekside’s wreaths, braids, bouquets, centerpieces, baskets and garlands are grown without pesticides on the family’s Monterey County farms.

The crops are harvested by hand, naturally air-dried, carefully assembled.

And best of all through May 9th, the Umbarger family is celebrating moms with a special Mother’s Day discount. Simply use the code MOM-2012 to receive 20% off your order.


Moop – Made in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Give Mom a hand.

She’s got a lot to carry.

In addition to wallet, keys and phone, Mom needs a bag that can hold an entire day’s contingency plan: toys to keep tots entertained; a change of clothes for those inevitable spills; and a snack in case her errands run longer than planned.

However, just because she has a lot to schlep doesn’t mean she wants to look frumpy. Enter the Carrier (above, $179). (The name really says it all doesn’t it.)

Moop, designers/manufacturers of handmade bags for men, women and children, has created the perfect Mom bag –classic, functional and durable.

The generously-sized (16″ w x 12″ h x 5″ d) tote-shaped bag is made of 100% cotton waxed canvas and lined in Cordura®, making it water resistant. (Just in case!)

It is available in 4 colors – brown, black, grey and red (shown) – and features a leather snap closure, shoulder straps, an adjustable cross-body strap, and enough interior pockets to contain almost anything.

The Carrier is an essential tool for the smart, stylish, well-prepared mom.


Peggy Li - Made in San Francisco, California

Give Mom the credit.

Let’s face it. None of us would be here with our moms.

These brave women who have kept us fed, clothed, clean and healthy are the core of our families.

Show Mom how much your family means to you with one of Peggy Li’s initial necklaces.

Available in 18 varieties, you are sure to find one that matches your mom’s style. Choose from round or square; gold or silver;  Block, Typewriter, Script, Bauhaus or Old English; upper or lowercase; and plain, tooled, floral or rimmed.

Like all of Peggy Li’s initial necklaces, the Lowercase Bauhaus Initial Necklace (above, $50 as shown) comes with a 16″ or 18″ chain (longer chains available for an additional charge). Each basic necklace comes with one charm – in either 3/8″ or 1/2″ size.

Add additional charms for $5 (3/8″ size) or $8 (1/2″ size).

Why not start with a 1/2″ disk for featuring the first letter of your family name? (For instance, if we were ordering one for our tv mom, Claire Dunphy, we’d select “D”.) And then add a 3/8″ charm for each child and one for mom and dad. (The Dunphys would order an “H” for Haley, an “A” for Alex, an “L” for Luke, a “C” for Claire and a “P” for Phil).

When strung together, Peggy Li’s initial charms are a fashionable way for any mom (real or sitcom) to keep her family close to her heart.


From Our Old Friends

Jill Rosenwald Studio - Made in Boston, Massachusetts

Bowl Mom over with your thoughtfulness.

Above from left to right: Bargello Small Bee Bowl ($190) – dimensions 6″ w x 8.5″ h; Maidstone Mini Bowl ($58/each) – dimensions 6″w x 4″h, available in 4 colors; and Ikat Small Bee Bowl ($180) – dimensions 5.75″ w x 8.75″h

Original fifty post: The chevron.

Vosges Chocolates - Made in Chicago, Illinois

Make Mom’s day just a little sweeter.

Above from left to right: Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection – 16 pieces ($40); Mini Exotic Candy Bar Library ($20) –  includes nine 1/2 oz bars: Black Pearl, Red Fire, Naga, Amalfi, Barcelona, Woolloomooloo, Oaxaca, Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee and Milk Chocolate Bacon Bars; and La Petite Hatbox ($85) – includes 9 piece Exotic Truffle Collection, 1/2 lb. Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee, Barcelona Bombalina Almonds, 4 piece Organic Peanut Butter Bonbons, 1 Blood Orange Caramel Bar & 1 Naga Candy Bar.

Original fifty post: The chocolate.

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