fifty: the blog – A Brief History

It all began with a polo shirt. During an excursion to secure more of these wardrobe staples for my husband (Mr. fifty, if you will) at a local department store, it became apparent that while the price of these items continues to rise, the production continues to move further and further off-shore.

This realization hit us hard. Perhaps because both of us grew up in the Carolinas and remember an active textile community, we were devastated to think that among the 10 or more brand options the store offered none were produced in the United States.

We talked about it all the way home. Over the next few days and weeks, I scoured local stores and the web for American-made alternatives. I am happy to say that I did find several high-quality polo shirt options that are designed and produced in the states. We have purchased quite a few and have found them to wear as well as, if not better, than their off-shore counterparts. And you will love this — they are less expensive!

Having successfully found an American alternative for this one necessity, I became interested (ok – obsessed) with finding others. I did not know what I would find but I had a hunch there were other really well-made American products out there and that, like the shirts, they were worth finding.

So began my search. Luckily, I was right. It is amazing what is being made down the street, not to mention across the country. I began to share my findings with family and close friends who were as astonished and as excited as I was to learn about these great American companies. Based on their reactions, this blog was born.

The name fifty comes, of course, from the United States (50 at last count!). I could not think a better way to pay tribute to the people, places and products that inspired this search. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the products discussed here. If you know of others, please share them!

- Ms. fifty

Please understand that this blog does not intend to be political.  Buying American is a choice.  The main impetus for my search was that that choice did not seem to exist in most stores.

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